Flipmeisters Signature Paddock Stand Revision 4 Late 07 Through Present Models

Introducing the Flipmeisters Signature Paddock Stand, Revision 4 for the Rocket 3, Late 07 through present models  Our proprietary designed stand is fabricated from Laser Cut steel and provides a convenient stand for routine maintenance or long term storage with the weight of the motorcycle relieved from the suspension.  The Revision 4 stand has removable securement pins on both ends allowing for even easier placement and removal.  The Revision 4 Paddock Stanf has the same extended pin length ar the above stand to accomodate the entire range of lug hole spacingdimensions.

The Revision 4 Paddock Stand will fit any motorcycle (R3or Touring) so long as the outside dimension of the forged steel boss is 13.25" (13 1/4") or less.  If your outside dimension is more than 13 1/4" (13.25"), I will be happy to fabricate a custom dimension at no additional cost to you.  Please e-mail with your requirements sales@flipmeisters.com

The Paddock Stand is designed to be driven with an ordinary 1/2" square drive forged steel long handle breaker bar and because of the design, the breaker bar drive can be removed after the motorcycle is elevated allowing unobstructed access to the motorcycle without any obstructing lift handles in your way.

Late model R3's as well as Touring, built after late 2007 with through holes less than 1/2" (13mm) (0.500"), the through holes will require drilling with an ordinary twist drill to the required dimension of 1/2" (13mm 0.500").  The required 1/2" (13mm) drill is included with this Paddock Stand.

Estimated shipping weight is 12 pounds per unit, packaged for shipment.

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Price: $ 80.17