Handlebar Wiring Clamps (2) (Machined All Over Finish)

Flipmeisters Billet Aluminum Handlebar Clamps Replace your unattractive, cheap looking, OEM plastic wire clamps with Flipmeisters Billet Aluminum Handlebar Clamps. These beautifully machined  all over clamps..... our machining process results in a polished looking finish..... are designed in 2 pieces with a recessed stainless bolt that connects the two halves together from the underside of the clamp. When bolted together, the seam is practically invisible and the clamp looks like one solid piece. These clamps will fit any brand of bike with 1" diameter handlebars including Triumph R3, all models and years. The 7 piece kit, one pair, come with clamps, mounting hardware, allen wrench and instructions.

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Price: $ 29.99